Implementing Fab Lab Suriname

Sofos implemented the first fab lab in the Caribbean: Fab Lab Suriname

In 2013, Sofos Consultancy (ie Pieter van der Hijden) implemented the Fab Lab Suriname on behalf of the then vice-president of the Republic of Suriname, Robbert Ameerali. At that time, this was the first fab lab in the Caribbean.

The implementation process consisted of setting up a project organization, physically furnishing the fab lab spaces, delivering the machinery ready for operation, starting with demonstration and information sessions, developing services, starting with the operation, making a multi-year plan especially to bring the fab lab to Fab Academy level and transfer the project result to the standing organization.

The Fab Lab was initially housed in the Government building at the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat in Paramaribo, Suriname. In 2015, the government lent the entire inventory to the new Fab Lab Suriname foundation. The f ab lab then moved to the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKF) to the Prof. dr. Kernkampweg there. Pieter van der Hijden is still a volunteer at the fab lab.

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