Digital Making

Digital making refers to new ways of designing, fabricating, learning and innovating with ICT almost omni-present. Fab Labs / Makerspaces / Innovation centers are the places to be.

A fab lab (FABrication LABoratory) is a community center for making, learning and sharing with digital fabrication machines and other tools. Maker spaces and local Innovation Centers are comparable concepts. People share space, tools, machines and knowledge to realize their projects. Learning by doing, especially in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.), has been re-invented. Grass-root innovation and community projects flourish.

The fab lab worldwide community, a concept developed by Neil Gershenfeld at MIT, offers an innovation network with more than 1200 physical hubs and presence in almost every country of the world.  In our view such global, regional and local networks and their all-inclusive sites have much to offer to the fulfimment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore we developed a workshop format for fab lab staff to develop their own SDG Profile.

Fab Labs and SDGs

How to Align Your Fab Lab / Makerspace With the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Fab Lab Safety Game

Fab Labs and Maker Spaces prepare for health and safety at work

S.T.E.M. Education


Workshop Session in Valldaura Fab Lab near Barcelona, Spain, during FAB10 conference, 2014

Fab Lab Life Cycle Support

To support initiatives for new fab labs, we have bundled experiences from fab lab managers, first in a workshop format, later in a report.

Implementing Fab Lab Suriname

Sofos implemented the first fab lab in the Caribbean: Fab Lab Suriname

Digital Making Networks


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