[en] Free interactive mindmap of the 17 SDGs and the 169 targets; editions in English, Spanish, French and Dutch; NOW also in PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)

Interactive mind map makes Sustainable Development Goals and their underlying targets attractive, searchable and presentable; editions in English, Spanish, French and Dutch; free!

The official text of the 17 goals (goals) and 169 subgoals (targets) consists of a list of about ten pages and is therefore difficult to digest. The interactive mind map makes this much more attractive. On the one hand you can focus on certain objectives, on the other hand you can search for specific words right across the whole. All targets are provided with a hyperlink to the corresponding page on the United Nations website. Zooming in is possible up to 300%. The interactive mind map also has a presentation mode. You can then walk step by step through all goals and subgoals.

The “content” is available in various language editions, currently English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil). The control is done in the language of the browser if it is Chinese, German, English, French, Japanese, Dutch or Russian and otherwise in English.

The interactive mind map consists of a single HTML5 file. It can be opened online or as a download in an internet browser; also on a smartphone. The source file was created with Corel (formerly Mindjet) Mindmanager 2020. The source file can also be downloaded. Conditions: free, Creative Commons BY license.

The following editions are available:

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